About Us

Our business is your business

Sharon Prinsloo Attorneys are based in George, Western Cape. Our company specialises in Conveyancing, Estates and Wills. At Sharon Prinsloo Attorneys we continually strive towards perfecting our skills to practice law so that we can ensure that all legal requirements are complied with. We deliver a personalised service.

Sharon Prinsloo founded the firm in August 2010 with the mission to strive towards perfecting the Conveyancing process in that we reduce transfer time in comparison to the traditional process.

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Accountability and responsiveness

We strive to handle each matter, whether it being a transfer, estate or will, with accountability and responsiveness. Our vision and mission reflects our values in that we act in a fit and proper manner. As a team we have integrity and service delivery is of the utmost importance in our day to day running of our business. We lead by example in that honesty and ethical behavior is exhibited in our work.