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Sharon Prinsloo Attorneys are based in George, Western Cape. We specialise in Conveyancing, Estates and Wills.

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More about Sharon Prinsloo Attorneys

Our business is your business. Sharon Prinsloo Attorneys are based in George, Western Cape. Our company specialises in Conveyancing, Estates and Wills. At Sharon Prinsloo Attorneys we continually strive towards perfecting our skills to practice law so that we can ensure that all legal requirements are complied with. We deliver a personalised service.

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Our Vision and Values

Our vision and mission reflects our values in that we act in a fit and proper manner.


Honesty and strong moral principles, or moral uprightness is one of our founding cornerstones


Our moral compass connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as truthfulness and open ended communication


We attend to each matter with the utmost competence and skill resulting in professional service delivery.

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Conveyancing | Sharon Prinsloo Attorneys

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Covid-19 Workplace Readiness

Office of the Registrar of Deeds, Western Cape Province: Private Bag X9073 Cape Town: Tel (021) 464 7600. Fax (021) 464 7727 Attention: Cape town Deeds Office Staff Subject: Covid-19 Workplace Readiness Dear Staff One of the responsibilities of an employer is to take steps to get the workplace Covid-19 ready prior occupation by staff. I would like to report on behalf of Cape town Deeds Office management that our office, together with the office of SGO and offices of Parliament have been decontaminated on 29 April 2020 and 4 May 2020, under the watch of Mr. T Clark, officials of Parliament, Mr. Julian Williamson and myself. We further wish to report that SCM at the Office of the Chief Registrar of Deeds (OCRD) are busy finalising the following: 3.1 Distribution of gloves and masks (PPE). In terms the latest email ours will be delivered 7 May 2020. Mrs. Insaaf Davids is currently liaising with the Director SCM at OCRD concerning collection points. 3.2 Distribution of sanitizers 3.3 Tapes for physical distancing particularly and reception areas and frontline services. 3.4 Procurement of screening equipment- screening at our office will take place at foyer on ground floor. 3.5 Procurement service for


PLEASE NOTE: The Property Practitioners Bill has officially been signed by the President on 2 October 2019, however, the commencement date has not yet been decided. The Act will replace the 43-year-old Estate Agency Affairs Act and provide for the continuation of the Estate Agency Affairs Board, to be known as the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (“the Authority”). The objective of the Authority is to regulate the way Property Practitioners deal with consumers, market, manage, finance, let, and the sale and purchase of property. Furthermore, the Authority is tasked with the education and protection of consumers from undesirable practices. Should the need arise, the Authority may appoint inspectors with powers to enter and inspect business premises and seize documents, in some instances, even without a warrant. The Act provides for a wide definition of the word “Property Practitioner” and apart from those listed in the Estate Agency Affairs Act, now includes many other role players such as: Commercial brokers who sell businesses; Mortgage bond brokers; Providers of bridging finance (unless they work for registered financial institutions); Property valuers; Persons doing home inspections for purchasers before a sale; Property managers; Agents involved in the selling of timeshare and fractional ownership; Anyone

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the state of being protected against the criminal, unauthorised or negligent use of electronic  data, as well as the measures taken to achieve this. The protection of electronic systems to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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